instrument of mercy

the beauty of grace in the modern world


The Blog

Instrument of Mercy is a blog created and curated by Joe Forrest.

A collision between data driven research and raw confessionary journalism, Instrument of Mercy explores the limitless interactions between faith, authenticity, politics, relationships, grace and consequence in an increasingly complex and polarized age.



The Author

The church doesn’t need more angry bloggers.

Joe Forrest grew up behind the pine curtain in East Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Media Studies from Texas A&M University and a master’s degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from the George Bush School of Government & Public Service.

Joe grew up in the Bible Belt and was thus exposed to church teachings at an early age. While in college, Joe became jaded and cynical about the church’s role in contemporary American culture and retreated from the faith in a flurry of doubt and bitterness. During his hiatus, Joe rediscovered the joy of community, prayer, service, and began pursing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ – the Son of God – as revealed in the Bible. A work in (constant) progress, he also learned to accept the dazzling interplay between faith and doubt, and is still learning the art of channeling cynicism into loving conviction.

Joe is an active member in his local church and participant of the Church’s role in the heavening of Earth. In his spare time, Joe enjoys reading books by Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy and Timothy Keller, pretending to like coffee, and getting lost in the woods.

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