The Evangelical Case Against the Candidacy of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton is a liar.

She repeatedly told the Justice Department she did not have any classified information on her private email server, which proved to be incorrect.

Benghazi is a mess – on both ends of the political spectrum. No doubt. Four Americans died during the attack, and House Republicans have spent an incredible amount of time and tax-payer money to essentially clear Clinton of any wrongdoing.

And some aspects of the Clinton Foundation are definitely shady (though the Foundation has provided over 9 million people with lower-cost AIDS/HIV medication).

But, enough about Hillary Clinton. We can talk about her later.

In recent months we’ve seen a slew of prominent evangelical authors and theologians throw their support behind Donald Trump. A recent Pew Research report reveals that 78% of evangelical Christians currently plan on voting for Trump come November.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but many high-profile Christian endorsements of Trump appear to imply it may very well be a violation of a Christian’s moral and ethical duty to not vote for Donald Trump.

So, it’s not the suggestion that a Christian could vote for Donald Trump that’s worrisome so much as it is the insinuation that a Christian should vote for Trump.

Jesus instructed his disciples to be as shrewd as serpents, and as innocent as doves. Therefore, we can surmise that Christians shouldn’t be gullible.

In his second letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul writes: For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

If Paul commanded Timothy – a young Christian – to “avoid such people,” we can probably infer that he doesn’t want us to associate our Christian witness with such people.

Let me be very upfront about something: I think you can still be a Christian and vote for Donald Trump. Just like I believe you can be a Christian and vote for Hillary Clinton. And you can be a Christian if you don’t vote at all. Our salvation doesn’t depend on who we choose to support in a presidential race.

But. Through his personal ethics, business ideals, and domestic and foreign policies, Trump has proven himself unworthy and undeserving of the evangelical Christian vote.

Personal Ethics

[Note: This section contains graphic and lewd language – however, all are linked quotes]

Throughout his life, Trump has called various women fat, pig, slob, and disgusting animal. During an episode of The Apprentice, he told a female contestant that “it must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.

When asked in 1994 interview about which features his one-year-old daughter would inherit from her mother, Trump physically alluded to her breasts. In 2000, Trump made an appearance in a softcore porn Playboy video – popping a bottle of champagne and saying “Beauty is beauty, let’s see what happens in New York.” The video featured clips of naked women touching themselves, dancing, and posing in sexual positions.

If elected president, Trump’s wife – Melania – would be the United States’ first First Lady to have ever posed nude in a pornographic magazine, including a full-page spread of her cavorting naked with other nude women. Instead of expressing regret, Trump and his campaign have defended the photoshoots – claiming they’re “fashionable” and “celebration of the human body as art.”

My intent is not to shame Melania for her personal choices, but instead, point out the hypocrisy inherent in the Evangelical Right’s relationship with partisan politics. Can you imagine the firestorm the Evangelical Right would have created if Trump had been a Democrat candidate? Or if that had been Obama’s wife?

Trump has brazenly bragged about the number of women he has had sex with – including those with husbands. Trump has been divorced twice and famously cheated on his first wife with the woman who would become his second wife. 

Update: Recently obtained audio records from 2005 from a hot-mic moment have Trump saying “When you’re a star, they [women] let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy” and “I did try and f*ck her. She was married” and “I moved on her like a b*tch, but I couldn’t get there.”

Trump is the first presidential candidate in history to tell his supporters to “check out [a] sex tape” (a tweet he sent out at 3 a.m. a couple days after the first Presidential debate) – an unprecedented attack on a U.S. citizen by a politician.

He built the first American casino to have a strip club and all-male revue club for women. During a primary debate, Trump talked about the size of his penis on national television. He creepishly commented on his adult daughter’s body and said: “if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.

Trump’s thin-skinned tirades are often laced with profanity. He has openly mocked a reporter’s disability. During the primaries, he called one of his opponents a “pussy.”

Trump has said, “My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy” and “I’ve always been greedy. I love money.” The Bible calls the “Love of money the root of all kinds of evil.” He’s called poor people “morons” and Jesus said the poor will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Business Ideals

Donald Trump has been involved with more than 3,500 lawsuits  – more than any other presidential candidate in history.

In the 1970s, the Department of Justice brought a lawsuit against the Trump family for racial discrimination at Trump Management rental properties. Trump employees marked minority applications with codes, like “C” for “colored,” and then denied their rental application.

Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to release tax returns, depriving the American public of the very evidence he uses to justify his candidacy – his personal success as a businessman.

Trump’s reasoning for not releasing his tax documents – that he’s under audit by the IRS – has been debunked by the IRS itself. In 2012, Trump slammed then-GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney for not releasing his tax returns.

Trump claims his tax returns will “reveal nothing of importance,” but it should be noted that “Crooked Hillary” has released her tax returns from the previous eight years. Trump’s tax returns would also reveal his philanthropic habits – or lack thereof.

Trump has used donations to the Donald Trump Foundation to settle lawsuits on behalf of Trump’s private businesses, purchase a $20,000 portrait of himself, a $12,000 Tim Tebow-signed helmet and make an illegal campaign donation to the Florida Attorney General investigating Trump University. This wouldn’t be that shocking except for the fact the Foundation is funded through other people’s donated money.

Foreign Policy

Donald Trump has threatened to abandon North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies – even in the event they are attacked.

During a briefing by a top foreign policy expert, Trump allegedly asked, “If we have nukes, why can’t we use them?” repeatedly throughout the meeting. During a live Town Hall meeting, Trump said he “would not rule out nuking Europe.”

He believes the Geneva Convention – the international pact that protects soldiers from being tortured – is outdated. In a debate performance, he said he would bring back waterboarding and a “hell of a lot more.” During a live interview, he said he would “target terrorist’s families” and “take them out.

For the record, these are war crimes.

Trump and his campaign have portrayed Syrian refugees as poisonous skittles, snakes, and terrorists. He has promised to turn his back on the Syrian refugee crisis in spite of the intensive U.S. vetting process.

Syrian refugees are fleeing one of the most devastating and bloody conflicts the world has ever seen. Overwhelmingly, they are woman and children. Perhaps they are the “least of these” Jesus talked about in Matthew 25? If that’s the case, are you endorsing a sheep or a goat?

Domestic Policy

Through his vitriolic rhetoric, Trump has garnered the endorsement and support of the American Nazi Party and several white supremacy groups. Trump rallies are filled with racist insults, threats of violence, and hate speech [in all seriousness, watch this video]. 

David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, said “I support [Trump’s] candidacy, and I support voting for him as a strategic action. I hope he does everything we hope he will do.”

Trump and his campaign have retweeted white supremacists, racist memes, and grossly inaccurate statistics.

What will our children and grandchildren think of us if they read “Donald Trump – propelled to victory by white supremacists, evangelical Christians, and disenfranchised voters – was inaugurated on January 20, 2017” in their history textbooks?

More troubling, Trump has repeatedly revoked the press credentials of media outlets from attending his rallies or conducting interviews on that basis that they “write unfairly about him.” During a rally, he said he would open up the United States libel laws to make it easier to sue the press – a violation of the First Amendment.

Trump called John McCain, a former prisoner-of-war, “not a war hero” because he was captured and he [Trump] “likes people who weren’t captured.” Trump defiantly refused to apologize to McCain.

During his campaign announcement speech, Trump called incoming Mexican immigrants “rapists” and when challenged on that statement replied, “someone is doing is the raping.” He has talked about creating “deportation task forces” intent on separating families who have been living in the United States for decades.

Trump has portrayed illegal immigrants as harbingers of crime and disorder, despite the fact that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens and illegal immigration has been in a decline since 2004.

In November, he proposed creating an electronic database to keep track of Muslims in the United States. This policy seems eerily similar to a directory implemented by a certain dictator in Germany in the late 1930s.

The End of the Road

Franciscan friar Richard Rohr said, “The evangelical support of Trump will be an indictment against its validity as a Christian movement for generations to come.”

I urge my evangelical Christian readers, please don’t let a Donald Trump presidency be the ideological hill you choose to die on. There are far greater causes and people to sacrifice our reputations for.

If we are to be hated and persecuted by our culture, then let it be for the sake of the Gospel and not for our commitment to a presidential candidate who has said: “women, you got to treat ’em like shit.

Because let’s try explaining that to our daughters.

Trump has struck a nerve with voters because he taps into legitimate grievances against the current state of American politics, and evangelical voters should have a voice in crafting public policy.

But Trump is not that voice.

I’m not attempting to demonize Trump. His erratic behavior and overinflated ego heavily imply he may have deeply-rooted insecurities which compel him to constantly seek validation – through women, money, and public opinion. He is desperately seeking to fill a void in his soul that can only be fulfilled through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In some ways, Trump is all of us.

Trump needs our prayers, our forgiveness, and our mercy – but that doesn’t mean he needs our nuclear launch codes.

Endorsing and electing Trump will ensure that the evangelical movement in the United States will lose validity within the public sphere for years to come, and its association with Trump’s ideologies will hinder the influence of the Church at home and abroad.

“Putting America First” is neither a sustainable nor a Biblical policy. “Making America Great Again” at the expense of others is not patriotism – it’s tyranny and nationalism.

Donald Trump, no matter how we try to spin it, is not the final bastion of family values, patriotism, religious freedom, and moral fortitude. Instead, he may very well be the clearest justification for evangelical Christians to end their relationship with partisan politics.

It matters who the Church decides to stand (or not stand) behind. We’re told the culture doesn’t care about us, but that is a lie. The world is carefully observing what role the Body of Christ will play in the ever-evolving demographics of the political spectrum.

Addendum: The Hillary Doctrine

Real talk: The primary reason most evangelicals support Trump is that they cannot fathom the United States being led by Hillary Clinton.

I could have easily written an article titled “The Evangelical Case Against Hillary Clinton.” Given the material on the Internet today, it would have been fairly easy. But here’s why I didn’t take that route: Evangelical Christians are not supporting Hillary en-mass like they are Donald Trump.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton, and I don’t think she will make a very good president.

The words I said in the introduction bear repeating: you can be a Christian and vote for Donald Trump. Just don’t go to the voting booth under the guise that a Christian should absolutely vote for Donald Trump.

I’m not recommending the Evangelical Right throw their support behind Hillary Clinton. I couldn’t do that in good conscience – but what I am trying to do is caution Christian voters from openly supporting a man who proudly stands in stark contrast to the Jesus they claim to follow.

And to stand against Trump is not synonymous with standing up for Hillary. We must not let this type of thinking infect our understanding our partisan politics.

I’m going to end this article with a quote from famed theologian C.S. Lewis. Found in his 1964 classic Mere Christianity, I’m going to post it in its entirety -and let my readers decide upon their own personal application and commentary.

I feel a strong desire to tell you – and I expect you feel a strong desire to tell me – which of these two errors is the worse. That is the devil getting at us. He always sends errors into the world in pairs – pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking about which is the worse. You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one. But do not let us be fooled. We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between those errors. We have no other concern than that with either of them.”

But this may all be an exercise in futility. Trump’s legion of supporters has proven remarkably loyal. And, to be honest, if you’ve stuck with him this far into the race, there’s probably not much more I can write (or that Trump can do) that will affect your support.

Or, in the words of The Donald himself, “it really doesn’t matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

Enough said.

Endnotes and Resources

“But what about abortion?”
Please read this blog post by Rachel Held Evans and this article by Shannon Dingle.

Here’s a quote from the Evans’ article: “In the eight years since we’ve had a pro-choice president, the abortion rate in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest since 1973. I believe the best way to keep this trend going is not to simply make it harder for women to terminate unwanted pregnancies but to create a culture with fewer unwanted pregnancies, to begin with. Data suggests progressive social policies that make healthcare and childcare more affordable, make contraception more accessible, alleviate poverty, and support a living wage do the most to create such a culture, while countries where abortion is simply illegal see no change in the abortion rate.”

“But what about gun rights?”
Please read my previous blog about guns.

“But what about the refugees and ISIS?”
Please read any non-partisan fact-checking website and my blog on the issue.

“But what about the Supreme Court?”
Please read this article from the National Review, this blog post by The Gospel Coalition, and this article by The Resurgent.

Here’s a quote from the Resurgent article: “A Clinton Administration may see the church besieged from the outside, but a Trump Administration will see the church poisoned from within.”

For the Record: Multiple prominent Christians oppose a Trump presidency, including authors Max Lucado and Philip Yancey, and the president of the Southern Baptist Ethics Commission, Russell MooreUPDATE: More 100 evangelical leaders have signed a petition denouncing Trump.

Musical Note: This post was written to and influenced by Gungor’s Hurricane, Bastille’s The Currents and Crowder’s American I/O.

106 thoughts on “The Evangelical Case Against the Candidacy of Donald Trump

  1. Jesus said render to Caesar’s what is Caesar’s. We’re voting for a Caesar, not a Jesus. Hillary is a liar and far more dangerous than you say — as your examples point out, we know exactly what Trump is. We also know the President can only do so much. He can not single-handedly launch a nuclear weapon. Hillary does everything illegally, hidden from the people, deals with countries illegally and immorally — just look at the bribe of $1.7 BILLION dollars such over to Iran, never mentioned until THE PEOPLE dug it up. First they denied, then lied about the amount, then when the proof was 100%, they said yeah, it was a bribe to close the deal. His taxes are not our business — but Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails and hatcheted servers ARE our business — they belonged to the people and she knew it! If it’s down to a bad person (Trump) vs. an evil one (Hillary), I’ll pick the bad one.

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    1. Ovillegator, I agree. I will choose the bad over the evil. Christians need to realize that they are voting for two people, the president and the vp. Mike Pence is a devout christian, I don’t know what Hillary’s vp is because I have never heard him say. The other important factor Christians need to keep in mind is this next president will choose the replacement judge (s) for supreme court. This is very critical to the freedoms we enjoy and to the Constitution of the US that we get a conservative judge in this position. As for things Trump did in the past, we can just hope and pray that he has changed some of his ways. Most of our past presidents have had some unfavorable pasts. If a person’s past determined their future, we would not have the apostle Paul who wrote majority of the New Testament.

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      1. Tim Kaine is a Catholic, and his religious views have influenced his decades in public service without coming into conflict with the Constitution and the rights ALL Americans hold; not just those of a specific group or two.

        But if you and the other commentator want to vote for someone who has spent decades being the antithesis of the Jesus you claim to follow, then it’s already a lost cause.

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      2. Jesus also said something along the lines of …. for if any man doesn’t choose to call Jesus their father… to bring the man before him and slay that man…

        Who cares what Jesus supposedly told Paul…

        This is just another left wing Trump bashing …


      3. Very well spoken and a very good point! It’s the man today I’m voting for ,not the man that he was. I’m not saying Trump is a man we should look to for a Christian example , but in today’s world who would that be? He has shown nothing but respect for evangelicals and has had many pastors pray for him and his campaign and right now considering the alternative that will be good enough for me. Hillary has very plainly shown where her heart is and the thought of her being our leader quite frankly scares me a little! None of us will ever be worthy enough to be called good but through grace and repentance I believe God is still listening.

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      4. Geogre W. Bush stored 22 million White House emails on Republican Party servers – and erased them all.
        Yet none of you or the right-wing media outlets you worship over Jesus made so much as a peep when he did it.

        You hate the Democrats because you’ve been trained by Republican billionaire Birchers like the Kochs to hate them. They’ve told you and your parents and grandparents for the past fifty years that the best way to hurt nonwhites, “uppity” women and gays is to cut rich people’s taxes so government spending on roads, schools, and economic aid gets cut. And you do so knowing full well that this hurts you too economically. But you don’t care so long as you get a chance to hurt others who don’t look, think, or act like you.

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      5. I survived an 18 year marriage to a man who verbally and physically abused me. I have survived many broken bones and ruptured ear drums. I forgive my abusive, now ex-husband who was an ogre so I can also forgive Mr. Trump. Just because he might have a nasty mouth does not mean he won’t be a good president. Everyone has skeletons, each and every one of us. We just haven’t been caught yet. It’s understandable that some will be looking for bones to dig up on Trump. I wonder if they will find as many “bones” as Hillary has.


      6. God commands his people to vote the Bible. To not vote doesn’t set well with God and we can never complain about the outcome. We know Hillary is evil…pray for her. At least the good people in the US are for Donald. We judge him on many things. How dare we do so since all of us are sinners too. Would you like people to know all your past and present sins? I don’t think so. We need to keep our mouths shut. We are never to judge that job belongs to God. Vengance is also his. Take the plank out of your eye! By the way kaine is Catholic and believes
        in abortion. Don’t tell the pope! Praise God for Pence. Prasie God for the 1,000 pastors that met with Trump two months ago and since then. They chose him he did not go looking for them. All the military and leaders endorse Trump, Veterans, Police, Border Patrol, etc That says something….we need change no more of the same chaos
        that will get worse. We have socialism rule already in the US it will get worse. No one reads the Constitution or follows it including our elected officials. We the people are king and our gov’t workers are our servants not the other way round. Glory to God. Church stand up and take care of your country. Not the gov’t. Get out of your pews church and get to work. don’t be passive and sit back and then complain. Foolish people.


    2. Trump people calling Hillary a liar need to understand the Trump doesn’t just lie, he manipulates and makes up pretty much everything he says. Saying you can’t vote for Hillary because she lies then voting for Trump is laughable and embarrassing to yourself as a human being.

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      1. Hillary has done a lot more than lie ,please research your candidate …Donald Trump is by no means perfect or without flaws,that being said ,he doesn’t have 40 plus unexplained deaths,that all just happened to be in some way connected to him.We are still waiting on Autopsy report on a young man Shawn Lucas,who served papers to DNC after they “The DNC” Executives ,plotted to have Bernie Sanders lose the nomination in favor of Hillary Clinton..This took place on July 1,2015 ,exactly one month later Shawn Lucas ,38 years old was found dead on his bathroom floor.Now two months later no cause of death ,and Main Stream Media has yet to even report the fact that he died.There were I think five others deaths in the last three months,who were also connected To Hillary,guess what..They were all ruled accidental ,or apparent suicide .Several were to testify against her…There is so much more,but she is above the law..I promise you there is a lot more than “lying”.Saying I can’t vote for Hillary Clinton,lying is the very least..Trust me not voting for Hillary Clinton is much more than laughable and embarrassing.Let’s be honest those who don’t support her are not basing it on a lie…I don’t even think there is an appropriate word to describe her,manipulation doesn’t touch the description…You can spin it any way that you like.Not sure if you watched the Vice President debates last night ,but Mr. Kaine her VP selection certainly had no manners and was totally disrespectful and disgusting to watch…Not sure if this reply is a response to Ryan or the person who wrote article .I respect your opinion,we all have one,God Bless You,and God Bless America,we certainly need it…

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      2. Saying Hillary is a liar is truth and encompasses her political career even as First Lady. Saying Trump is a liar is also true, but it’s not about the same things. So he lies about his hair, or how much money he has, or how big his….is, or about how popular he is with the ladies. These are because I assume he’s insecure, self absorbed, and just a tad egotistical.

        Hillary lies about things that have brought death, are illegal, treasonous even, and continues so that she can maintain power and avoid detection and consequences.

        I just don’t see the two in anywhere near the same light.


    3. How in the World can you not claim Trump as evil? Call it evil vs. evil if you want but the polar opposite of good is evil and that is Trump for all of his years.

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      1. Trump has said & done a lot of things of which I’m sure he regrets; however, he nonetheless speaks the truth which is exactly the reason a lot of the American people resonate with him. He is himself, he is brutally honest and isn’t that what we would want especially in a President? Honesty versus dishonesty, deceit & an unknowing of what Obama has been & what Hillary will be? At least he puts it out there & won’t leave us guessing as to the next anti-American stunt he will do next. Paul’s second letter to Timothy (above) is NOT a true reflection of Donald Trump. First of all, the letter lists traits in people to avoid “rather than” being lovers of God as well as having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Donald Trump may be a lot of things but one thing he does NOT deny is his love for God nor does he deny the power of God. Trump may have some downfalls & may say things that are morally unethical, but then haven’t we all been guilty of the same? Our country needs Donald Trump!


      2. @ Geniece, FYI — “I am not sure I have,” Trump said when asked if he’d ever asked God for forgiveness. “I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so,” he said. “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

        Sure would like to hear about when Trump said he loves God. You can find articles and video about him and not asking God for forgiveness, though.

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    4. I challenge you to walk a mile with Christ and strip away the labels of “Republican” and “Democrat” and really consider each of these individuals, and especially the way they’ve acted and the things they have said over the past 18 months during this campaign.

      In not a single category can Trump maintain the high ground. Lies? Go out and find speech comparisons, he has lied at least three times as often. Corruption? We love to point out Hillary’s Benghazi and emails. But that’s two scandals. Two. And even if you collect all the other stories and conspiracies she maybe has ten. Trump? He has 3,500. Trump University and Trump Foundation alone put them on equal footing. His taxes? I could go on, just carefully read this article. On his best day he’s still more corrupt.

      As a lifelong multigenerational Republican and Christian. I can tell you unequivocally you’ve got that backwards.

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    5. We are not voting for Caesar but a president. We know more rumors and implications, over interpreted issues that start with Hillary is a crook and then reasoning what proves or implies that this could be true. As a Christian we are required to not put words in Hillaries mouth (straw man argument), and not to presume guilt where it is not proven. We must stick to truth and judge fairly. And no, We do not know who Trump is, other than that he is a thin skinned, arrogan narcissistic jerk who borders on being actually insane. The question is just how much does his greed, arrogance, and narcissism drive his decisions, and is he a big time crook, or just a very cunning tax cheat.

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    6. Oh, he or she CAN, in fact, LAUNCH a nuclear weapon. I found that mistaken belief so disturbing, I had to stop reading your comment right THERE, and CORRECT CORRECT CORRECT THE RECORD!!


    7. Thanks for your comments, Ovillegator. You are spot on. This writer was quick to point out that Trump has had several sexual partners. But they’ve all been willing participants. Bill Clinton has sexually harassed multiple women, pressured them to have sex with him, yea even rapes them. And Hillary, or her representatives always go behind his sexual conquests, threatening the woman involved. He wants to throw Donald Trumps business failures; the man has a,96% success rate.

      And then he wants to say, things like Donald Trump called a woman far. Hillary Clinton daily berates, cursed, including taking God’s name in vain, members of her Secret Service Guards. She says precious things like, don’t fu*&ing look at me, put the God d&*n flag up. If you want a fu”*&ing job, get up here, and get this fuc*&g luggage.
      Finally Donald”s belifs have caused no deaths of American citizens. Hillary Ckinton’ s open acts of treason caused the death of our American ambassador in Benghazi plus 3 servicemen. She has shared secrets with our sworn enemies, and she and Obama have redirected monies to find ISIS! SO get off your little high horse evangelical rant, and admit that if elected, Hillary could very well be part of the introduction of the anti-Christ! @


    8. 2 things.
      (1) Go back and reread the quote from C.S. Lewis, you have missed his admonition entirely.
      (2) You’re completely ignorant to nuclear command and control. ONLY the President can direct the release of a nuclear weapon. Period. There is no other decision maker. The SECDEF advises, POTUS decides.

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    9. How utterly silly…..bad is evil, evil is bad. All of us sin, BUT we must hold our presidential candidates to a higher standard, and both fail miserably. BUT Trump is DEFINITELY one of the most DANGEROUS candidates, the US has ever produced.


  2. What is the goal C.S. Lewis refers to, in this case? If these two candidates are the two errors we are distracted by, than what is the “straight through between the two” we are to be focused on?
    I for one, am not all that aware of the true history of these candidates. Why? Well, for starters, I’ve not followed them over the years. Yes, I’m somewhat familiar with various events that we all hear a lot about today, but 99% of what I “know” about them is based on what I’ve seen posted in social media. I’ve also not been glued to any particular news source. That’s a good thing, but I suck at any trivia game because of it ; ) I’ve had a growing resolve to be more informed and involved in the governmental and political aspects of life here in the great USA, but never more than now. I attended Franklin Graham’s Decision America event in Des Moines IA earlier this year. I came away from that encouraged and determined to pray about all if this, get informed, and get involved, and Pray! I still struggle with the feeling of all is lost, my vote won’t matter, there’s no good options, and choosing the lesser if the two. This article make good points, even if just to think about. How do I know the validity of any of it? I’ve read other articles that make a strong case for other directions, all full of references and quotes that support their point. I just feel like what I hear from many other people these days, dazed and confused. Hopeless, at least in the sense of, no hope in any one person. My hope is in Christ, and if He returns before January 20 2017 oh what a relief that will be. But, I’m not just closing my eyes and putting my head in a hole in the ground, hoping for that to happen. So, what do I do? Pray.


    1. I agree.

      So, without looking into any possible past scandals only instead focus on the words they have said during the last 18 months.

      Any reasonable Christian who does that, and ignores party politics, will immediately see that Clinton is a vastly superior choice. Vastly.

      That said, if you still can stomach supporting her, just tacitly accept her presidency by writing in any one else you think does represent your faith. Heck, write in Jesus if you want. Send a message with your one quiet act that, as a Christian, you will not support a disastrous distasteful man like Trump.

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      1. Really appreciated this article and your ability to articulate so many things that I have been working through. I thought when I first read the article you had a zinger in it about Hillary not being as dangerous as Donald, I agreed with that but now cannot find the comment. Am I remembering incorrectly or did you remove it?


      2. Hey Link! You are not remembering incorrectly! That zinger was in the original draft of the article, but it was proving extremely problematic for some of my readership and was distracting from the overall message of the piece. I wrote out my explanation for the edit in a comment below!

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  3. why does a liberal biased person claim to be a christian and right an article like this. With the Clintons lies and ambitiouns makes them dangerous. They will and have done whatever its taken to get elected and then lied that they never did that. Most of the stuff written about Trump was taken out of context. So if you belive the author of this article go ahead end the world early and vote for the antichrist, whoms name is hillary.

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    1. William, don’t you understand that Jesus was a progressive liberal? That’s what angered the pharisees so much; that he ignored much of the law that they held as important (i.e. working on the sabbath). Please do not imply that a liberal cannot be a Christian.

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      1. No.. Jesus was not a progressive Liberal. He would not have created a welfare state or unfairly tax the rich or support abortion or support removing prayer from school. No reasonable or intelligent person would believe that, you’d best educate yourself on that matter.


      2. But Jesus would support wealth redistribution — year of Jubilee. I’d like hear your biblical rationale for stating what you do about a welfare state or taxing the wealthy. It seems a stretch to speak of reasonableness and intelligence. when trying to import our contemporary setting of the US to the Israel at the time of Christ. Jesus (pre-incarnate) clearly supported a theocracy, and would not be one to espouse libertarian values. At the least, we should be honest and acknowledge that Jesus probably wouldn’t be an American evangelical and his social views would not align with Republican values for wealth, individual rights and guns.


    2. The best indicator of future behavior is to look at past patterns of behavior….basic psych 101… Hillary Clinton began working for children’s and women’s rights from a very young age and has continued to pursue that course to the present. Donald Trump has pursued women, money and self aggrandizement and continues to pursue that course to the present. When electing a leader it is incumbent upon us, as Christians, to look at whose basic character would best serve, not just us but, the country. Trump inhabits the land I was taught to flee from as a young person and now, as a mother of two young men, the last person I would want them to emulate (as President of the USA) is Donald Trump. If I had daughters I would be horrified by Trump’s denigration of females in both word and deed. Hillary Clinton certainly has her issues as well but when you stop listening to talking heads and actually do your due diligence you see a woman who has spent her life trying to better the lives of others. She is the most vetted presidential candidate ever and despite all the allegations against her she has never been found to have done anything that she could be charged with….think if the millions of dollars spent investigating her over the last 20 years and nothing….now that doesn’t mean she hasn’t made mistakes because we all have and she is no different. What she is, however, is someone who wants to help those who have been left behind…’the least of these’ which sounds a lot more Christ-like than someone who insults and ridicules and diminishes others while telling us all how smart and rich he is….It is so disappointing to me that so many of my evangelical ‘family’ support him because they ‘hate’ Hillary Clinton. To call her the ‘antichrist’….really?!!!

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      1. Since the sex card has been played over and over again against Trump, let’s look at the Clintons.
        We know Bill’s weakness with women. It followed him from Arkansas through the White House and beyond. What has Hillary’s response been? She has repeatedly vilified the victims. Name calling, slander. The women Bill took advantage of, have themselves been blamed. What example is this? What do we tell our sister, daughters, friends when men use their power as sexual predators? Do we cast stones at the women for the men’s actions? This is Hillary caring about women?
        It gets worse. There is an island south of America that is a sexual playground for those who can afford it. Bill Clinton is a regular customer. This sexual playground specializes in young girls and boys. What do we tell our grandchildren?Where do these children come from? It doesn’t matter. Except that it was after the Clinton’s set up their “charity” on Haiti, that the Haitian government report young children disappearing from the streets. Ok. Yes. There is no proof the Clinton’s took them. It’s all coincidence. (But look into and talk with the Haitians about the “charitable work” the Clinton Foundation has done in Haiti. But I digress. The point? The point is, you played the sex card with Trump. And therefore it must be played for the Clinton’s. A vote for Hillary is a vote for blaming the victims of sexual predators. And at the least a vote for a woman who turns her head the other way when it comes to sex trafficking and the human sex trafficking. No thank you.


      2. I just want to interject here to everyone reading this comment thread that everything posted in the above comment is objectively false. One of the main issues during this presidential election cycle is people’s willingness to believe everything they read on the internet and not fact check. The difference between the claims I made is they are back by audio/video recordings of Trump himself, and the claims made in the above comment are inflammatory propaganda with no basis in reality.

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      3. Heather, very well said. But it appears that the Christian supporters of Mr. Trump have their blinders on and can not be swayed. The Republican Party has brought about their own destruction as will the Christian Right – because their alliance. The “Church” should never be in league with partisan politics. That is why we have separation of church & state.

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      4. She hasn’t been found out because her hit men have taken care of the witnesses.

        She pays her female staffers less than male staffers.

        She tried to clear her husband of his sex scandals, and shaming the females that came forward.

        Every project in government that she had worked on has ended in scandal/corruption from Arkansas to DC to New York to Secretary of State.


      5. Sorry… I can’t let this one lie…

        “Hillary Clinton began working for children’s and women’s rights from a very young age and has continued to pursue that course to the present.”

        If you want to count advancing the murder of the unborn and her misogyny about any woman she dislikes… I guess you can say that she has been consistent in pursuing that course to the present…

        I’m disgusted that anyone would claim that someone who advances abortion as a person who ‘work[s] for children’s rights…’


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    3. “Right an article”–your subconscious knew the correct message, even if you do not.

      The stye in your eye is what allows you to call a Christian like Hillary the anti-Christ. I’d love to see a debate where Hillary and Donald discuss scripture. Donald would barely be able to quote “The Art of the Deal,” let alone the Bible!


  4. I will not vote for Clinton, her and Bill have the love of money (Clinton Foundation), they are liars (God says Do Not Lie) (E-mail scandal), Thou shall not Kill (Banghazi), as a veteran Hillary hasn’t supported us during the time she was Sec. of State, or Senator. And talk about breech of security and double standards for such when it comes to punshment for a criminal act! Your comments about Trump was long, but there has been books written about the Clinton scandals, and I’m sure there will be more. Hillary brings nothing to the table for me, As a citizen of USA, Trump gives me hope, and a greater sense of security. Our country was built on Judeo-Christian values, the preachings of God’s word, having a relationship with Christ, and not just a religion. My faith and trust is in God, my hope and joy is in Jesus. My mind and heart belongs to Lord Jesus the Christ. Father God will direct my ways through the Holy Spirit Reguardless of what I vote, God is in control, He knows the results. If God knows th hairs on my head, He knows our votes. It’s not about me, it’s about God and His Son Jesus. It will be alright if my vote does not elect the winner, knowing God’s vote is always right!

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    1. If you want to argue about foundation money, the Clinton Foundation’s money has actually gone towards helping people. The Trump Foundation buys pictures of Donald Trump’s money, pays off his personal debts and is basically a piggy bank for Trump. His businesses fail, he doesn’t pay his small-business subcontractors and has been investigated numerous times for shams like Trump University. Get educated about your candidate and his business acumen before you choose it as a reason to support him.

      As an aside, God doesn’t care who wins this election. He cares if we follow his principles.

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    2. If you want to argue about foundation money, the Clinton Foundation’s money has actually gone towards helping people. The Trump Foundation buys pictures of Donald Trump to put in his for-profit hotels, pays off his personal debts and is basically a piggy bank for Trump. His businesses fail, he doesn’t pay his small-business subcontractors and has been investigated numerous times for shams like Trump University. Get educated about your candidate and his business acumen before you choose it as a reason to support him.

      As an aside, God doesn’t care who wins this election. He cares if we follow his principles.


    3. Did you even think about what you read? This piece does not tell you for whom to vote. The Clinton Foundation is a charitable organization, not a great example of the love of money.

      Don’t use God as an excuse for voting for someone who is as far from being a Christian as Beelzebub.


    4. As a Christian…how do you justify DT saying…he has not sinned, therefore he didnt need to ask for forgiveness…
      Romans 3:23-26
      23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
      24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:
      25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;
      26 To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.
      What if…
      DT is our version of the serpent in the garden or satan in the wilderness tempting…
      I dont like Hillary but my heart cannot allow somone who more resembles the antichrist…


  5. How can you write that Hillary isn’t dangerous? How about to the millions of people murdered each year via abortion? That’s the only issue that I am voting on, as a Christian. Do I think Donald cares about abortion? No. But I think Hillary cares a lot. She is as heartless, ruthless and ungodly as possible with the lives of our unborn children. Should we kill someone because they have down syndrome? Because they are poor? Because they are the wrong sex? That’s what Hillary supports. What else do we have to consider?

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    1. Hey Josh, thanks for your comment. I normally don’t interact with commenters on my blog, but I’m going to make an exception. I’m against abortion, and I believe Hillary’s stance on abortion is very problematic. However, it’s possible a Hillary Clinton presidency will result in FEWER abortions than a Donald Trump presidency.

      In my Endnotes and Resource section of my article, I address this issue by linking to another blog post on the subject. Here’s a excerpt from that blog:

      “In the eight years since we’ve had a pro-choice president, the abortion rate in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest since 1973. I believe the best way to keep this trend going is not to simply make it harder for women to terminate unwanted pregnancies but to create a culture with fewer unwanted pregnancies to begin with. Data suggests progressive social policies that make healthcare and childcare more affordable, make contraception more accessible, alleviate poverty, and support a living wage do the most to create such a culture, while countries where abortion is simply illegal see no change in the abortion rate.”

      I highly recommend you read the entirety of the article. It’s written specifically for people who believe they HAVE to vote for Donald Trump solely on the abortion issue. It’s very enlightening and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks and have a great day!

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      1. What about Gary Johnson? We don’t have to choose between the lesser of two evils. I believe he is a great option in the midst of the darkness. I agree with most everything you said, but I don’t believe we have to choose between them. We can look past them.


      2. Have you ever heard oh chinagate, travelgate, whitewater, pay to play, how about renting out Lincolns bedroom in the white house, or bidding off rides in air force one ( that at the taxpayers expense) how about the theft of thousands of dollars in art and furniture when the Clintons left the white house, have you ever researched this lady’s, all the scandals over the over 40 years, some may not be true, but where there is that much smoke there is a fire now and again, how many people do you know personally or through your work , have been murdered or committed suicide , I am referring to the Clinton body count, how many does she know? How about the threats and IRS attacks that she directed against all the fine woman that her husband , then our President ,cavorted with, then there is her disrespect for our military and police. ask her a question she does not like and she will become a viper, she cares about nothing or no one if they can not help her gain the power that she wants so badly that she would lie, cheat ,and kill to obtain it.
        oh and while I am on a roll why is it that the press is always asking Ivanka what she thinks of the woman in her fathers past? but I have never herd Chelsey asked what she thinks of the woman that are in her fathers past, particularly the ones that are saying that he raped them. there are more scandals than I can mention here research the lady all of you Hillery people, which I thank the LORD I am not among, and speaking of our LORD , did you say the Lords prayer in school, ???? she appears to find it offensive, but I am sure if she was asked why, she would not be able to RECALL.


      3. Straw man and excuses. A vote for Hilary is NOT a vote for life. Will you show God that nifty little paragraph and tell Him you stood for the lives of the unborn?


      4. Well first of all, correlational research can be spun any number of ways by those with a particular worldview, and the post you cite certainly fits a secular, left wing narrative (poverty = crime, etc). In the Great Depression, if this narrative were correct, abortion would have been much more rampant than today, and the last 8 years have been poorer, worse health care due to Obamacare.

        Obama and Hillary are abortion Nazis, pure and simple, and you should not have cited those women’s views.


    2. If you are standing solely on the idea that you want to make sure abortion is criminalized again, that is probably the only reason to think you should vote for trump. However, be aware that the same man has been pro-choice in the past. He says whatever people want to hear…


    3. If you are concerned about abortion, please focus on the fact that the number of abortions declines with the kind of policies we’ve had with Obama! Better health care, sex education, and availability of birth control result in fewer “unwanted” pregnancies.

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  6. Your article is wonderful and thought provoking but I fear it is wasted on the Trump audience. They will believe whatever they want to believe even in the face of every fact proving the opposite. There is no having a sensible discussion with a person who will argue against every fact checker with proof from a Facebook post.

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    1. Katie you are so right , BUT it is not the Trump audience, it is the Clinton audience, they appear to have tunnel vision, they are right there with Clinton in her name calling , have you ever heard of chinagate, travelgate, whitewater, pay to play, how about renting out Lincolns bedroom in the white house, or bidding off rides in air force one ( that at the taxpayers expense), how about the theft of thousands of dollars in art and furniture when the Clintons left the white house, have you ever researched this lady, all the scandals over the over the past 40 years, some may not be true, but where there is that much smoke there is a fire now and again, how many people do you know personally or through your work that have been murdered or committed suicide , I am referring to the Clinton body count, how many does she know? How about the threats and IRS attacks that she directed against all the fine woman that her husband , then our President ,cavorted with, then there is her disrespect for our military and police. ask her a question she does not like and she will become a viper, she cares about nothing or no one if they can not help her gain the power that she wants so badly that she would lie, cheat ,and kill to obtain it.
      oh and while I am on a roll why is it that the press is always asking Ivanka what she thinks of the woman in her fathers past? but I have never herd Chelsey asked what she thinks of the woman that are in her fathers past, particularly the ones that are saying that he raped them. there are more scandals than I can mention here research the lady all of you Hillery people, which I thank the LORD I am not among, and speaking of our LORD , did you say the Lords prayer in school, ???? she appears to find it offensive, but I am sure if she was asked why, she would not be able to RECALL.


      1. I’ve heard of all of those scandals, and none of them are true. They’ve been researched and investigated to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars, and nothing has been found. Now you can continue posting those false claims under the cover of “where there’s smoke, there must be fire,” but I’d like to remind you, good Christian person you probably like to think of yourself as, that bearing false witness is a sin. It’s even in the Big Ten.


    2. It is a wonderful and intelligent opinion piece–and certainly not a simplistic, “Vote for Hillary” diatribe. It asks people to be clear and factual and not respond like hypnotized automatons. Sadly, many people can’t do that.


  7. Its hypocrisy to bash Trump without bashing Hillary, but more then that. You are called to pray for those who fall short, not going around pretending to love God while you publicly judge your brother & others.” If not for God, there go I …” How big is your Splinter ?


  8. You want to know what Jesus’ thoughts about the Gov’t and the Media ? Read Mathew 23, those are his words on the matter. Period.


  9. Her’s my question about Christians voting for clinton? WHY on earth would you when and if she gets in office christians have to DENY their faith? Why would you want someone like that in office. Telling you that you have to believe something else. And that’s not the only reason. How about her stance on abortion? It’s MURDER people! I just can’t understand how ANYONE can do this. Trump/Pence 2016. This is just my opinion.


    1. Well, the Bible does say that as Christians, we will be hated & persecuted by the world. We aren’t supposed to live in comfort & safety. We are supposed to share the gospel– even to the point of death.
      It literally does not matter who becomes the next president, because Christian people are supposed to be IN the world, not OF it.


    2. There is a lot banter centered on Clinton vs Trump, but losing sight of the two PLATFORMS! Basically the Democratic platform is to fundamentally change our entire structure to one-world, including the revoking of our very foundations. The Republican platform is emphatically stressing that we are an independent nation founded on citizen voice in leadership, all based on our Judeo-Christian heritage which led to our unique Constitution. This is what has caused us to develop into the unique world-recognized position. This reputation has deteriorated exactly coinciding with our (about) 60-year increase in departing from our trust and dependence on God. Which platform offers a possible return? As Franklin Graham, Ben Carson and others say, we must return to ‘we the people’ under God’s direction!


      1. So Christians publicly supporting and voting for a man who talks about “f#cking married women” and “grabbing their p#ssy” is the best way American can return to “we the people under God’s direction”? Interesting idea.

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  10. Lunatics will be lunatics, nothing is going to change that. Like Hillary said (and she was right) these people are deplorable. It’s an insult to God to call yourselves Christian.

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  11. It’s plainly clear that you are a liberal, which gives pause to your true relationship with Jesus.

    Here’s how I see it. You’ve got to vote for someone. I only care that our President upholds the constitution, preserves and protects our religious freedoms, cuts taxes, protects American’s by securing that wall, destroys ISIS, brings back jobs, and makes the economy strong again. Whether he knows Jesus personally is between him and God.

    I’m not aware of too many Presidents that were as “spiritual” as you (or ‘so-called’ organizations like Instrument of Mercy) obviously want them to be, but i can name some that would always protect our American heritage and who would never remove “In God We Trust” from our history. Democrats would do that in a second if they had their wish. And for you to say that “Hillary won’t be a dangerous president”? You are blind. Her Supreme Court nominees will be dangerous to our constitution and religious liberties alone. Which again causes me to question your motive and true relationship with he creator of the universe.

    I’m voting for the man that says he’ll protect our American ideals, our constitution, and our right to trust in God. I don’t care if he’s religious.

    We DON’T choose a President based on how ‘Religious’ they are or if they are a ‘Christian’. Sorry. We just don’t. And to believe that we should is living a pipe-dream. Sure, in a perfect world, that would be great, but we don’t live in a perfect world. In our world, you choose the best candidate for the job. That’s Donald Trump (or Ted Nugent).


  12. There is another choice besides Clinton and Trump! There are third party candidates. If everyone vited their conscious one would likely get elected.

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  13. Hey everyone! Author of the post here! Thank you for your feedback and continued discussion. I wanted to let everyone reading (or has read) this post to know – in full disclosure – that I have removed a couple of sentences from my original post that were proving problematic for many people. In the “Hillary Addendum” section I wrote the sentence “I don’t think think Hillary will be a good president, but I don’t think she’ll be a dangerous one.”

    I have removed this sentence because in my original posting I have tried to shy away from endorsing either of the candidates. In retrospect, I believe this particular sentence appears to violate that original intent. Personally, I believe it skewed far too close to editorializing and distracted from the overall message from my post. For that, I apologize.

    To be clear, I’m not a closeted liberal attempting to sway the Christian vote to Hillary Clinton. I’m no fan of Clinton. And her views on the unborn are problematic (for Christians and non-Christian alike). My purpose of this article is to reveal the dangers of the evangelical church endorsing a man like Donald Trump to represent them and their interests. Like I said in my article – not endorsing Trump should not be viewed as an endorsement of Clinton.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post (over 30,000 views at the moment – wow) and for remaining somewhat civil in the comment section. I know this is a contentious topic, but let’s please refrain from name-calling and making claims without documented evidence.


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    1. So, dude, you stated that Hillary’s abortion stance is”problematic.” Wow, what a tepid statement. Furthermore, I notice that you parsed words–as in, “…not endorsing Trump should not be viewed as an endorsement of Clinton.” I know that you aren’t voting for Trump, but you haven’t made that disclaimer about Clinton. Are you voting for her? You’d have more credibility (IMO) if you’d state for whom you’re casting your vote.


  14. Talk about “wolves in sheeps clothing” I don’t think any one is claiming Trump is a saint but in comparison to the other choice it’s not even close. A vote for Hillary would usher in further globalization of America and destruction of the greatness of America.


  15. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but vow… I like this article, this is exactly what I have in my mind….God doesn’t have political affiliation, Republican, Democrat all are equally sinners in God’s sight, if you believe God’s favor are only on Republican, you are not truly understand God yet…thanks again for posting this article…


  16. I’m thankful throughout the bible God used people just like Donald Trump unashamed of the gospel who claim their favorite book is the bible and not a US Law book about Roe v Wade. Perhaps I’ll just stick to my bible and not your blog. Wishing you the best in Chirst our Lord and Savior


  17. Both/all the mainstream presidential candidates have one thing in common: they both/all have links with the “pope” [Emperor/Caesar / wolf in sheeps clothing] / Rome:

    Some of the things here remind me of Duterte in Philippines.

    Today it is extremely difficult to tell who are true “christians/evangelicals”, because the “pope” has been deceiving christians into believing he is the true rep of Peter, and others they divide by false theology.

    All you can do is pray, listen, look/watch, discuss, remember, think, and vote for the best person / party / policies.

    (Sorry if more than 1 comment. It wasn’t working trying to post comment seemingly.)


  18. I posted this on my FB page. Your clarity and open approach is truly inspiring–and I’m not a Christian, though I definitely believe in God. Even more, I believe in always trying to learn and not becoming brainwashed, but using my mind and heart and faith, not taking others’ assumptions as facts. I wish some of the commenters here were as clear and open. Bless you.


  19. There is only one choice as a Christian . Hillary is definitely not it! Not on ethics morals, policy , etc. You can sit and point out every sin of Trump but it doesn’t compare to Hillary continued defiance of everything even the law. Ridiculous!!!!!


  20. Dem VP choice Tim Kaine:
    Info found on the Internet — “… He has deep Islamist connections. The Virginia senator has a long history of embracing radical Islam. He appointed a Hamas supporter to a state immigration commission, once spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist suspect and has received many donations from well-known Islamist groups.
    Back in 2007, Breitbart reports, then-Governor Kaine chose Muslim American Society (MAS) President Esam Omeish to the state’s Immigration Commission. It was an appointment so controversial that even a Muslim group against radical Islam criticized the appointment and lack of vetting. In 2008, federal court filings found that MAS was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” According to Omeish’s website, he was also President of the National Muslim Students Association and served for two years on the national board of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which the Justice Department also labeled as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial. His website says he was Vice President of Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a radical mosque known for its history of terror ties including having future Al-Qaeda operative Anwar Al-Awlaki as its imam and being frequented by two of the 9/11 hijackers and the perpetrator of the Fort Hood shooting. Omeish’s website says he remains a board member. Omeish directly expressed extremism before Kaine appointed him. He claimed the Brotherhood is “moderate” and admitted that he and MAS are influenced by the Islamist movement. In 2004, Omeish praised the Hamas spiritual leader as “our beloved Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.” Videotape from 2000 also surfaced where Omeish pledged to help Palestinians who understand “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land” (he denied this was an endorsement of violence). In the second example of Kaine’s deep connections with Radical Islam, he spoke at a 2011 dinner honoring Jamal Barzinji, the “Founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.” Barzinji has been on the FBI’s radar since 1987, when an informant told them that Barzinji was part of a network of brotherhood fronts to “institute the Islamic Revolution in the United States.” Barzinji played a major role in nearly every Brotherhood front in the U.S. and was vice president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, which came under terrorism investigation also. Barzinji’s group was so close to Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Sami Al-Arian that IIIT’s President considered his group and Al-Arian’s to be essentially one entity. Finally there’s the money … Barzinji’s organization, IIIT, donated $10,000 to an organization, New Dominion PAC, that gave $43,050 to Kaine’s bid for governor between 2003 and 2005. The New Dominion PAC – the “voice for Arab Americans in Virginia” – has very strong ties to the Democratic Party in Virginia, with the Virginia Public Access Project tallying almost $257,000 in donations. This likely explains why Barzinji’s grandson served in Governor McAuliffe’s administration and then became the Obama Administration’s liaison to the Muslim-American community.
    Breitbart sums up Kaine’s interesting relationship with the Islamic community: Kaine has no excuse. If he has an Internet connection, then he and his staff should have known about their backgrounds. They were either extremely careless (something Kaine would have in common with the top of the ticket) or knew and looked the other way in the hopes of earning donations and votes.

    Clinton’s choice of Kaine is widely seen as a way of strengthening her campaign’s national security credentials.

    How can you trust a candidate on national security who appoints a Humas supporter to their immigration commission and speaks at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect?

    And how can you trust a candidate who picks such a person as their “strong on national security” running mate? … ” Really you have questions about Donald Trump? We have Hillary Clinton that’s evil and now we know that her running mate is as evil as she is. He also fired 5 chaplains for praying in Jesus Name … and Lord help but you’re worried about Donald Trump. King David was an adulterer but was still a man after God’s own heart. Christians really need to open their eyes because it’s us that have allowed or country to get in the state it’s in. We sat quietly as liberals took prayer out of schools, we sat quietly as liberals passed abortion, we sat quietly as liberals passed gay marriage. Now you sit so piously and condemn Trump. It wasn’t Trump it was we the Christian people or should I say lazy Christian people allowing public servants to become rulers and pass laws that should not have been passed. Get a grip. We have 2 candidates to choose from. We definitely know it’s NOT Hillary Clinton.


    1. 1) “Info found on the internet” doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.
      2) Breitbart is not a credible news source. They repeatedly post unproven conspiracy theories and propaganda on their website.
      3) Tim Kaine has a son who is a U.S. Marine.
      4) There’s nothing wrong with taking donations from an Arab-American PAC – they’re AMERICANS. There’s also nothing wrong with having a Muslim-American Liaison.
      5) You can still pray and read your Bible in public schools.

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  21. People, why are you acting like they are the only 2 candidates in the race? If all of you people on the fence would just vote for Stein or Johnson we could send a serious message to the two major parties that they need to start giving us better choices. If you are a Christian, you should be against wars of aggression. War for oil and profit are what Clinton and Trump are all about. Both Johnson and Stein want to stop these wars. They want to fix our problems back home first. That’s one of the only issues they have in common, but you can check out their individual platforms easily right on their websites. Do the world a favor. Stop with the lesser of 2 evil voting. Vote for the candidate whose platform most closely matches your beliefs. I think you find that is neither Trump or Clinton.


  22. 1) George W. Bush a) stored 22 million White House emails on Republican National Committee servers, and then b) zapped those 22 million emails, yet nobody raised a fuss over this, much less held hearings.

    2) There were over a dozen deadly attacks on U.S. embassies during George W. Bushs time in the White House, many far deadlier than Benghazi, yet none of you commenters or the Republican puppet masters that tell you what to think raised a fuss, much less held hearings.

    But face it. You commenters don’t really care about that. You just care that Republicans hate gay people and black people and want to keep women down, Handmaid’s-Tale fashion. That’s why you’re voting for Trump even though he’s a two-time divorced man who is about as ungodly as it gets.


  23. I don’t agree with this article and I think that Trump is by far the best choice. He’s a bit egotistical.. and certainly any one who’s been paying attention, can’t deny that. But he has changed, since he got saved. Most of us remember that we were not that great before salvation. I know I wasn’t!! so to judge someone else… isn’t right in my opinion. Now, of course we need to judge our future president and judging, him on his past is the only way we can go.. but you need to account for the Blood of Jesus and how that can change us. a lot of those supporting him think about Paul, who was called Saul, and he was busy killing and prosecuting Christians!! Yes he said some bad things.. but I do agree with his policies.. and no! I am not a racist! ..


    1. “A bit egotistical.”

      I am constantly annoyed by the way Donald’s supporters try to downplay his myriad flaws. Donald is not “A bit egotistical.” He is an egomaniac.

      I say this knowing that Hillary will continue to send money and bombs to support Israel and maintain the evil status quo of US military interventionism abroad… and intending to vote for her anyway.


  24. Cannot believe anyone referenced snopes as as a reliable source – sorry, it’s not. Tim Kaine is a Catholic, but not a practicing Catholic. Our catechism has been pro life. Anyone who endorses a Pro Abortion candidate is not a practicing Catholic. Anyone trying to justify a vote for Hillary has lost their way. She has been fired from the Watergate committee for unethical behavior, she berated and went after all of Bill’s women, the Clinton’s stole white house furniture, she has been investigated on numerous occasions, i.e. White water, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi – she left 4 Americans to die even though they requested help and extra security over 50 times, and worst of all she is pro abortion up to birth – all of this on record and proved. Sorry so called Christians, you cannot justify Abortion, period. Go ahead and bash Trump for divorce and made up lies(think for yourself and quit allowing the media to manipulate you), and what you think he will do. We know what Hillary will do. Promote abortion and elect judges that will ensure abortions will be paid for by our tax dollars, anytime, anyway, and for any reason. God Help You

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  25. There are a number of important issues (purposely?) minimized here:
    1. The platforms of the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. In those you can find how each party as a whole views unborn human beings. One platform sees no big problems with Partial Birth Abortion, while the other speaks against it. Should that influence our decisions on voting?
    2. The prospect of a liberal Democrat (like Obama) being approved for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. What harm could a Chief Justice Obama do to the cause of Christ in our country?
    3. The attitude of many Evangelicals today to ignore, shun, and deprecate the struggle for survival of the state of Israel. For years, this attitude has found its expression in the news-manipulation team of National Public Radio. Why should the taxpayers of this country be forced to support the self-appointed, liberal intellectuals of NPR?

    This blog treats us to a subtle manipulation of “the facts” and “the polls”. It starts out with an NPR-inspired stanza: “House Republicans have spent an incredible amount of time and tax-payer money to essentially clear Clinton of any wrongdoing”. We love that phrase, “any wrongdoing”. That’s why House Republicans put together a serious effort to discover the truth. Did Hillary help them find the truth? ” We can talk about her later. ” Right. Much later, after that certain Tuesday in November.


  26. At first, I thought your “Endorsing and electing Trump will ensure that the evangelical movement in the United States will lose validity within the public sphere for years to come, and its association with Trump’s ideologies will hinder the influence of the Church at home and abroad.” was really really harsh… and then I heard the 2005 audio recording of Donald and Billy Bush. The message of James Dobson really falls apart, when he openly endorses a guy for president who celebrates adultery. Yes, I realize this was years ago… and Donald could certainly fix it today via public repentance and actually turn a bad thing into a positive witness for a new life in Christ. We should pray that he does so.

    Alas, Donald’s initial response was Bill Clinton was worse… and I think we probably already expected that was the case. I remember working with kids who picked up on Bill’s testimony that anything other than intercourse was not sex. And thus oral sex became huge among a good chunk of evangelical teenagers, since it really wasn’t sex, and they could still wear their purity rings and be good to go.

    Now, whether something similar happens with Christian couples and adultery remains to be seen… but as far as your statement about the loss of validity and influence upon the world at large… I read it today, and then a few hours later, I see an in your face example of what you are getting at. It really wasn’t harsh at all.

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  27. “I am your voice”, said Trump. “I alone can fix it.” Matthew 7:15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in. sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolve”


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